Lobster Boil Kit

This kit has the content of a shrimp boil with Canadian Rock Lobster tails (200g).

The meat of a lobster tail has a firm texture and a sweet, mild but distinctive flavor. Tasting like a meatier, sweeter version of Shrimp.



DIY Seafood Boil Kit includes:

  • Ecuadorian Shrimp, New Zealand Mussels, Baby Octopus
  • Smoked sausages
  • Corn cobettes, red potatoes
  • Holy Seasoning (Secret Herb & Spice Blend)
  • Boil Seasoning
  • Butter, Lemon, Onion and Garlic
  • Instructions (Simple, Straight Forward)
  • Serving Bag ( Paper table cover, bibs, gloves)

Meal For 2, Meal For 4


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