Our Meal Kits

Creating a seafood boil has never been easier! With our Meal kits and instructions guide you’ll be able to whip up the most juicy meal the sea has to offer. Our meal kits has all you need to recreate a traditional Louisiana seafood boil.
Preparing a home cooked seafood boil doesn’t take much experience and is a guaranteed crowd please for your partner, family or group of friends, all done in under a 40 minutes!

Three Step Process

Place a Order 

Recieve your delivery

Cook, eat, enjoy! 

Your kit includes:

Protein (Seafood, Smoked Sausages)
Vegetables (Corn Cobettes, Red Potatoes)
Holy Seasoning, Boil Seasoning,
Butter, Lemons, Onions, Garlic bulb & cloves 
Serving Bag (Mixing Bag, Table Cloth, Bibs & Gloves)

What you will need:

STOCK POT (MEDIUM / LARGE) for the proteins & vegetables 
A SAUCEPAN to make the holy sauce.
A STRAINER to scope the items out the boil.
A SERVING TRAY to place the table cover on