F . A . Q

Frequenly asked questions & answers

All orders placed between Sunday (after 12pm) – Thursday will be dispatched and delivered on Friday. Orders placed on Friday – Sunday (before 12pm) will dispatched on Sunday.

Currently we are only offering delivery to North, West and East London. However, we do plan to launch nationwide in the coming weeks.

Some of the ingredients we use contain allergens. The main allergens our meal kits contain are: Mustard, Celery, Milk, Crustaceans, Molluscs. To find out more details about our allergens please check our Allergens Page.

When you receive your delivery, refrigerate your shellfish immediately, this will preserve it for longer. It is best to cook and eat the meal kit same day. However you it can refrigerated the shellfish for up to 3 days.

Although our seasoning has ingredient such as cayenne pepper and crushed chilli, we have created a delicious blend that balances out these spices with a bit of sweetness. Making the Holy Sauce ideal for any type of seafood.

Our seafood boil kit is tailored to give you an authentic seafood boil experience. Some of these ingredients you cannot simply buy from the shops. For example, our Holy Seasoning has been crafted with love and care, that can’t be found in any shop!

One of the most things for us is to ensure that our product remains at the highest quality both during transport and when it arrives to the customers. That’s why we use specially insulated packing material, as well as ice pack to ensure that our shellfish is kept below 4 degree (where bacteria doesn’t grow).

If you believe you won’t be home to receive your delivery on Friday or Sunday. Please leave us instructions on the “order note” section when you Checkout. If we are unable to deliver to your home we will attempt to leave it at our neighbours.

Yes you can! In the checkout page you have an option of local pickup. We are in our kitchen between Thursday and Sunday 8am – 2pm. Please give us 24 hour notice so we can make sure your meal kit is nice and ready.

Yes! All our food is halal!